5th May 2020
Welcoming in Level 4 by being in my practice.
I don’t know how you have been feeling and coping with this lockdown but certainly at times I just can’t take it in! Can we experience joy or laughter again? I think we can, but it will take time and it will be somewhat different.
That brings me to the reason for my email – I know a lot of people don’t like the idea of skype counselling sessions so, as stated, I am back in the office. If you are wanting to make an appointment please feel free to contact me and we can set something up. If you want to continue with skype then that is also OK. Either option is fine from my side.
I will be adhering to the safety requirements (ie). Face masks, sanitizers etc.; you will be sitting in the couch in my office which is the accepted distance to qualify for the social distancing requirement.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Brenda McCutcheon
Registered Counsellor





Did we really see 2020 creeping up on us?  I don’t know about you but I think at times it would be great to be able to get off the bus for a while, catch our breath and then jump back on again.

That statement implies that life gets too much – but the important aspect of the statement is having control.  Being able to get off the bus, catch our breath and voluntarily get back on again.

Being in control is the crux of the situation, but what does it actually mean?  So often we feel OUT of control, so how do we rectify this situation.  First we need to establish in what way are we out of control and for how long has this been? 

We know we are under much more pressure at work these days.  How do we deal with that?

Certainly, stress and anxiety becomes the order of the day.  This can bring with it anger – whether directed at the family, other road users, or work, or at yourself.  Some may turn to alcohol or drugs to mask these aspects of their life.

This statement contains 3 distinct areas which can be helped by acknowledging there is an issue and to seek the assistance from a counsellor.


  • Individual / couple counselling
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Retirement preparation
  • Marriage preparation
  • Adolescence counselling
  • Relationship guidance
  • Anger Management
  • Trauma counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Support groups for Caregivers
  • Personal Growth coaching
  • Stress & Anxiety counselling
  • Addiction counselling
  • Christian Counselling


In these uncertain times we may feel unsure of our way forward.  This is natural.  There will be times when we think our life is on a roller coaster.  We need to be able to acknowledge how we feel and follow some relaxation and mindfulness techniques. In addition to this we all need to set ourselves some routines for our day which we haven’t needed to consider ever before.  You can look at this from either a negative standpoint or view it in a positive light. 

If you feel these techniques and suggestions are not working and feeling out of control this is a point when having a Skype/WhatsApp or zoom session with a counsellor  would be in order.

I know some people are reluctant to have such a session but once you have been face to face for a couple of minutes you will feel ok about it.