Why should you come to see me??

I have been practicing for many years and my aim has been to gain as many experiential skills as possible – all aimed to offer a wider range of services. 


I have had many years prior to counselling in the HR and Training field both here and overseas.  These experiences have never been wasted and have been able to transfer those into the counselling arena.    I’m always looking for ways to improve my services to you and I would appreciate any suggestions and/or feedback you may have.  Please feel free to contact me either by cell phone or email.


Through the years I have been involved with SADAG who offer an invaluable service on a national basis. Similarly I am involved with ICAS and Careway’s who offer services to the corporate world;  SAPS community Policing Trauma Unit offering counselling to victims of crime in the local areas.  I have also got experience in dealing with addiction issues specifically substance abuse having working in a rehab for a period of time.  This social problem is like as iceberg – it is a massive problem which needs to be addressed but sadly is avoided.  Most recently I have been involved with Alzheimer’s Association of South Africa (ASA).  Again this is a growing problem with the aging population but which is avoided or unspoken about in most of the communities.  My concentration regarding ASA has been on assisting the caregivers of Alzheimer’s as they are the unsung heroes.  



HPCSA:  0013986               Practice No:  0431087

BA Psych & Edu (Unisa)

BA Hons Psych Equiv (Unisa)

Certificate of Competence in Nursing Care in Dementia (Wits Univ)

B Psych internship at Bryanston Methodist Counselling Centre

Registered with PSYSSA

Member of SADAG, ASA

Registered with Medical Insurance through PSYSSA & FNB 




Each client who walks into my practice is given the utmost respect which they deserve.  Each client is uniquely different and I will give an assessment as to what I believe will the duration of their treatment.

I use various philosophy’s – depending on the client’s needs – that can be person centred philosophy, solution focused therapy, basic cognitive behavioural therapy, gestalt therapy, etc.

The most prominent approach which I use would be solution focused therapy.  I have had good results using this method and what’s more, it can get relatively quick solutions which help my client’s pockets!

There has been a certain amount of confusion surrounding our category of Psychological Registered Counsellor (PRC).  This category was introduced by HPCSA to assist the public in a bid to make certain psychological services available to more of the public.

The requirements of a Registered Counsellor state they need to have their Hons qualification in  Psychology in addition to the compulsory to the Practum (Internship).  After completion of this only then can the HPCSA Board exam be written in which a minimum of 70% must be achieved.  

Only at this point are the candidates given their registration numbers with the proviso of ongoing continued education which is audited on a regular basis.